Beginning a delightful experience with a new look to build your partners mood.

    Focus on mood and have a relaxed time together. Set the mood by dressing in the same manner you would if you are going on a date away from your house, even if you are spending your time indoors. Casual dress, but show you have an interest in being impressive. A tie is not needed but leave the tennis shoes in the closet. Try to look nice without overdoing.

‚Äč    Hopefully you know your partners favorite drink to serve during the meal and which drink to have after. Only to gain a relaxed worry free atmosphere. Making your partner comfortable leads to romance and on to sex. Inebriation will leave you counting the flowers on the wall. If your are doing the dishes either do them together or seat your partner close to you while the task is preformed. Stay together, if it is possible. Conversation is important but shy away from anything deep. Politics, religion, work, problems are just that; problems. Let your partner understand your interest is in the pleasure they will have. Body language speaks as loudly as words.

    Find a chapter of one of my books for your partner to read, before the first after dinner drink is consumed. Have it ready on your device with a small amount of reading before the intimate scene is available. If your partner reads longer than you feel would be needed to read that particular passage, move behind your partner while you speak, telling that you are approaching. Place your hands lightly on the upper arms and slowly massage with your thumb and fingers, moving over the shoulders and on to the back and sides of the neck, lightly. Unless I am mistaken sex is just down the hall.

   Candlelight will have a good response from your partner. Remember you are having sex and giving pleasure will have your partner wanting more. Plan well.

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More tomorrow with answers to questions.


A question has been asked that I may not be able to answer to everyones satisfaction, 'How can I know if she is sexually satisfied?' I paraphrased.

If you make her the center of the encounter and if you can hold off long enough to delay your orgasm and do the right things for her, while not hurrying, she should be sexually satisfied and satisfied with the love making. If you engaged her and prepared her to relax and enjoy the whole experience both of you should be nearing exhaustion when you finally ejaculate. Read my books to have some avenue toward plotting your course of action and if you have questions. Let me hear about your experiences. We can build on that.

Email me on this website with any questions.